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Fire & EMS

Master Planning

Reach Performance Goals with Insight Driven Consultation

Fire and EMS Organizations are the first responders to health and safety crises. Therefore, agencies must have thorough and insight-driven plans to successfully train and manage their EMS response teams. 

Capstone Networks has a team of industry experts to assist Fire and EMS organizations and their governing bodies, to keep pace and evolve to reach higher standards of efficiency and performance.

Our Services

Capstone assists Fire & EMS departments to successfully build, manage, and innovate their strategic initiatives to support communities across Canada

Our services include:

- Fire & EMS Master Planning

- Fire & EMS Evaluation & Risk Assessment​​

- Fire & EMS Traning Programs

- Project Management & Corporate Planning

- Stakeholder Engagement & Industry Research

- Public Consultation

- Facility Needs Assessment

Firehouse Gear

Capstone's team provides high-level training programs, to ensure that Fire & EMS departments are equipped with the proper insights to know and meet industry best practices, as well as thrive as an agency. 

To ensure sustainability and risk-mitigation of projects, our team conducts public consultations, works with other city departments, and explores external partnership opportunities for our clients in the Fire and EMS industry. 

Training & Consultation

Our Approach


Discover with Public Consultation, Risk Assessments, and Industry Research


Develop the plan with facility evaluations, key findings, and based on current regulation


Deliver an insights-driven plan and study to meet/exceed project deliverables 

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