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Capstone Networks is Canada’s trusted management & strategy consulting firm. Our teams specialize in creating enhanced business development solutions, strategic partnership management, and developing accelerated national/global growth strategies.

Capstone brings a team of subject matter experts and recognized industry leaders dedicated to delivering client value across industries.

Divya Nayak
Chair, Chief Operating Officer

Divya is the Executive Chairman at Capstone. In addition, Divya remains in charge of Capstone’s operations on several projects including training, stakeholder relations, and business development.


Shreya Nayak

Shreya is a Senior Associate on the Capstone Consulting Team, leading several client projects. Previously, Shreya was selected as a prestigious Schwarman Scholar and McKinsey NextGen Women Leader. 


Dave is currently the lead EMS & Fire Consultant on the Capstone Team. In his previous role, Dave was the Fire Chief for the Town of Caledon Fire and Emergency Services from 2013 to 2016.


Dave Forfar
Independent Lead Partner
Scott Daniel
Senior EMS Consultant

Scott Daniels is one of the Senior EMS & Fire Consultants on the Capstone Team. With over 30 years of industry experience, Scott helps our clients in creating effective EMS and Fire plans.

Ravi Nayak

Ravi is the President of Capstone. Ravi currently leads strategic projects in the areas of business growth and international expansion for our clients. Additionally, Ravi serves on the Board of the American Chamber of Commerce. 

Disha Nayak

Disha is an Associate at Capstone, focusing on consulting and PPE projects. Disha has experience working at the top financial/govt institutions and was recently selected by Next Canada as one of Canada's Future Leaders.

Capstone Experience

Capstone has delivered long-term strategic solutions for our clients in public, private, academic, and government sectors in Canada as well as global markets.



Our Executive Leaders have over 30 years of industry expertise and experience. Meet our leaders:




Capstone works directly with key client stakeholders to discover, develop and deliver tailored solutions that help clients grow their people and organization

Our clients success is our success. Capstone works to deliver positive impacts on sales target achievement, increased revenue generation, and market expansion for our clients

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