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Business Development


Capstone works directly with clients to enhance business development efforts through customized lead generation and sales pipeline strategies across sectors locally and globally.


With strong industry insights and tailored business development strategies, Capstone's team of experienced consultants work to accelerate sales cycles, align organizational sales goals & timelines across teams, generate greater market presence and co-create insights-driven solutions for our clients.

Enhanced Strategic Partnerships

Capstone creates pathways for our clients to engage with decision makers and influencers across industry sectors in Canada and globally.

With our extensive industry network, we help build the presence and profile of our clients with stakeholders from private, public and government organizations. Capstone helps in developing awareness of our clients' products & capabilities in Canadian and international markets

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Team Talk

Building Effective Sales Leaders

Building effective growth-oriented sales teams is crucial in achieving business growth. 

At Capstone we work with our clients to provide executive training and create the right environment for successful and cohesive sales teams. Our executives work directly with client sales teams and leadership to architect short and long term sales growth strategies and curated road maps to achieving strong business results.

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Content Management 

Driving your brand recognition with effective media and content strategies

At Capstone we work with our clients to provide effective and tailored content strategies, including media, graphic design, and translation services. With a team of experienced content creators  and marketing specialists, Capstone works to successfully architect brand marketing strategies. 

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